Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The End

When I was a kid I loved books about animals. Mainly dogs and horses. If there was a book with a dog or a horse as a main character, I was ON it. I can't actually remember ever reading anything else. But there was always one fatal flaw (literally) with these books. The main character always died at the end. So as I got older, I avoided these books like the plague. It's hard enough watching your own animals die without reading about someone else's pet doing it too.

So when I started Ray's blog I knew that I wanted his story to end differently. I didn't want it to end with a deathbed scene. I wanted Ray's friends to believe that this wonderful dog went on for all eternity licking babies, playing with cats, yelling at things, laying in the sun, taking long walks through the woods, meeting other dogs and making friends everywhere. I wanted Ray to be remembered the way he was through his whole life, a fun-loving, happy, resilient, normal dog who just happened to be blind.

Ray isn't gone yet but he has been diagnosed with something bad. You won't know when he dies because I am not going to tell you. But if, one day, you feel a slight cosmic shift in the universe, it might be because Ray's amazing soul has left this earthly plane for a better place. Somewhere soft with no hard edges, where the sun always shines, there are no baths, babies are everywhere, the food is always treats, and where Moonie, Hugo, and Harvey are waiting for him at the end of a rainbow.