Monday, September 6, 2010

Nyuk Nyuk

Last night, shortly after we airlifted* Ray to his bed, he started snoring. It wasn't just any snore. It was a Three Stooges kind of snore, complete with whinnying and flapping lips. I've often thought I should make a video of Ray's grunts, groans, and moans and this noise would be at the top of my list to capture. It's one of those noises that really makes us sit up and take notice because it sounds so fake.

* airlifting - the process whereby we grab four corners of the afghan on which Ray sleeps and carry him to his bed. We move him from the couch to his bed, because he curls up on the afghan, which is usually on my feet, and takes up so much room that I am jammed into one tiny little scrunched up ball. Very uncomfortable for any length of time. Ray rarely wakes up during the airlifting process and when he does, he doesn't struggle or try to jump out of the sling, he just waits until we deposit him in bed then settles in with a deep moan, or sigh, or both as if he'd been waiting for this moment all day. Sometimes airlifting is accompanied by helicopter noises from me and commentary from Gregg such as "I don't think that one is going to make it" (after a particularly hard day at daycare.) Airlifting occurs once every evening unless Ray is too tired to move himself from the couch in the living room to the couch in the family room.

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  1. Wow.. ny 14 tear old black lab likes to sleep on my bed. Every night he comes to my bed and gives me a look and the next moment he wants me to lift his hind quarters and lift him to my bed. Superdog snores just like a man and just like a man takes 3/4th of the bed and it is soo hard to make him move over. Superdog has his own couch in the bedroom but he would rather sleep with me. It would be worse if I actually had a man in my bed too!