Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Return of Bad Ray

The blind dog was playing with an avocado in the front hall. (If I had a dime for every time I've seen that sentence ...). I'd just been to the store and had deposited two of them on the kitchen counter. One of them was now in the front hall with dog tooth marks in it.

Murphy has been gone for a week and Ray has reverted to his old bad habits. I've been painting most of the downstairs all week long and Ray has not been helping. I've tried to keep him well-exercised but it just doesn't seem to work without Murphy in the mix. Monday was OK. We went to the dogpark for an hour and a half and Ray ran the whole time. And it was sunny and warm so he could sleep stretched out in the sun in the backyard for the rest of the day.
But Tuesday it was rainy and cold. Ray slept until noon, then woke up and started to whine. And then he started to GET INTO THINGS. Even after a long walk, he was antsy. He ate a roll of painters tape (well, he chewed it enough so that I can't get a piece of tape off of it, just a piece of a piece of tape), chewed on the handle of his new dog brush, picked a dirty swiffer out of the trash and shredded it to bits, chewed the handle of a screwdriver. Just walked around picking random things up off tables to chew on them.
Wednesday I worked so Ray went to school (daycare). I was hoping being there a whole day would tire him enough so that he would be fairly good on Thursday. But my hope was misplaced.
Thursday was more of the same. I had to keep an eye cocked the whole day to keep him out of trouble. At one point I heard rummaging from above. Visions of tasseled loafers made me bolt for stairs but Ray had just gotten lost in my studio. He was stuck behind the sewing machine and couldn't find his way out.
Friday was the worst. Even with an hour at the dogpark playing with Bacci, Ray wasn't tired. I spent a whole lot of time listening to the whining and taking things away from him. The avocado was the culmination of a long day.
I need to find him a new Murphy. Stat.


  1. aaww...poor Ray, Conor is the same he is the naughtiest pooch out of the three, as I walked in the door last week with a muffin nestling in the top of my bag (left over from a work meeting and destined for my afternoon cup of tea) he deftly stuck his nose in there and delicately extracted it, holding the case between his teeth almost before I realised what was happening....he was most disappointed when I relieved him of his prize..however after depositing it on the counter while I went to the bathroom, I returned to discover that Phoebe the cat had decided to sample after being mauled by a dog and a cat I decided to donate it to the hens !

  2. Ray is a total sneak thief too. Always when I walk in the front door with shopping bags, his head goes right in. He is CONVINCED that I am always shopping for him. He also likes to shoplift at the Pet Store. I think their policy of allowing pets inside must be a real boon to business. How is a blind dog to resist all those great smells?