Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Expanding Horizons

This weekend the cats learned how to use the dog door. We knew this day was coming because a while back they learned how to use the cat door into the garage (there is a second one that goes from the garage to the outside but we closed that one off with a wooden panel). Ever since they've had access to the garage, I've been finding interesting things in the house. I think it's because Juno is a Bringer (not the creepy kind from the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but the kind that brings stuff into the house from the garage). I've found a plastic thingy that holds Christmas lights to a gutter, the lid from a WD-40 can, various bottle caps, those inflated plastic bags that come in Amazon shipments (those are deflated when I find them), styrofoam peanuts, twist ties, and a desiccated worm. I've also found things that I can't identify. I'm thinking of starting a drawer for them just in case they are something important that I will need later.
But access to the great outdoors obviously trumps access to the garage. Saturday and Sunday we monitored Juno and Harvey's exploring to make sure that they didn't go farther and to make sure that Ray didn't hurt them. The blind hound was absolutely thrilled to have company in his domain, so much so that we felt it advisable to leash him while the cats figured out escape routes, one of which turned out to be under the fence into Archie and Dory's backyard. Gregg acted quickly to retrieve our adventurous Dumpling and block off the hole.
What's up there?

Oh, is that all...

Where is he?

Hey, I think somebody is under MY tree!

Ew, ew, ew, ew. This feels funny under my feet

Use the pathway! That's what it's here for!

Hey Harvey, check it out, it's a good place to hide from Ray.

Also, I think we could probably climb one of these things if we need to

Can I go play now?

A whole lot of concentration going on
(note the wrinkled forehead)

By the time Monday rolled around we were all a bit more comfortable. The cats spent the entire day outside, only coming in to use the sandbox (sigh), and take a quick nap. Ray also got some exercise attempting to find and play with his friends, then was encouraged to join me in the frontyard to do some (napping on his bed) yardwork.
Then yesterday it started to rain. After figuring out that they don't care for the rain, both Harvey and Juno used the dog door every ten minutes to see if the weather had changed.
Today is the same but with even heavier rain. This morning the cats gave up using the weather station and curled up on the couch. The bored blind dog resorted to chewing on shoes. To keep him occupied, I dug out one of his old toys which apparently has not lost its charm. Here's an old video of Ray and his old toy. When the yelling started, Harvey disappeared. The always-more-curious-than-she-should-be, Juno, stayed close enough to watch from under the couch.


  1. That video is so funny! I love how Ray really puts his ears into it when he let's out a yell! And it's pretty sweet how gentle he is with that toy.

    It's funny that the cats went back INSIDE to do their business!

    Ray's wrinkled forehead reminds me of the hound/lab mix I fostered - she too had the wrinkly forehead of concentration - I love it!

    1. We were hoping that the cats would use the outhouse instead of the box but it doesn't look like that is going to be the case. (sigh again).
      Gotta love the wrinkles. Must be why Shar Peis are so cute.
      And as for Ray and the toy - the ears and feet, the only two places he can get a grip, are full of holes. But it still works after all these years!

  2. Louise our lab is looking for the barking hound. No where to be found.