Monday, June 9, 2014

Old Cadger

Bored with chasing flies at home, Ray needed a change of scenery. So, we packed up the car and once again headed south for a visit with Ray's grandparents.
Pesky fly
Ray is such a good traveler (I hope I didn't just jinx it), that I don't hesitate to take him with me. But like all good children, he becomes a spoiled brat when he visits his indulgent grandparents; favorite niece, Hannah; and doting aunt, Yuko. Ray's aunt Kathy from Colorado was also going to be there to help pamper the blind dog. It's not that Ray becomes destructive, or whiney, or gets underfoot, it's just that, when he visits, he becomes Ray, Master of the Panhandlers. I'm sure my brother, John, is part of the problem. John is Master of the Grill.
Ray doesn't beg at the table at home. He will try to con a piece of cheese or meat when I'm working at the kitchen counter, but Ray leaves Gregg and me alone while we're eating. (Although when Yuko and Hannah are visiting us, Ray instantly transforms to Master P.)

When Ray walks through the door at Nannie and Grandpa's house, everyone is cautioned not to give him anything at the table but, truthfully, no one can totally resist those imploring eyes. My only request of my soft-hearted relatives, is that any scraps of food given to Ray must be put in his dish.

What do you mean you're just eating raw cabbage?

Uncle John, you make the best
Mind if I have a bite?
Did he really just leave his plate unattended?

Hey Hannah, can I have a bite? Pleeeeeeeeze.
Hey Grandpa, mom says you can put food in my dish if you want to.

Pssssst, Aunt Kathy, mom's not looking... 
Aunt Yuko, I love you so much...

It's fun having a blind dog around the house.


  1. Wow - Ray really knows how to work the crowd, doesn't he? He must love those trips as much as they love having him! :)

    1. Well, he won't let me leave him at home. The minute I start packing the car, he is ready to go so I guess he must love it. And I'm convinced that he thinks Hannah is a dog. One of his favorites, of course.

  2. Ray on Vacation! At least he is an equal opportunity beggar. He knows he is loved and he WORKS it.
    Wonder if he would have eaten any of Hannah's cabbage if she had offered it to him???

    1. Ray does not let any vegetable matter touch (or pass) his lips. When offered any, he curls his lips backs, takes the offending matter in his teeth, and drops whatever it is on the floor. It cracks me up every time.