Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mystery Solved?

For the past couple of weeks, the doghorn has been waking us up in the middle of the night. For the first few nights, convinced that Ray needed to go out, I was getting up to open the door. But after the first week of this, I realized that, unless his bladder had dramatically shrunk overnight, Ray wanted to go out for a different reason. Every night I would watch from the door as the hound raced into the dark and out to the fence where he would poke along, sniffing, his tail curled alertly over his back. He wasn't yelling at anything, just sniffing. I was mystified as to what was setting him off and why he seemed to go off at roughly the same time every night.

Here, I'm just going to leave this blanket next
 to the door for you so that you don't get cold while waiting for me. 
After the first week or so, I became tired of getting up in the cold and the dark to cater to Ray's midnight ramblings. So for the last few nights when the doghorn sounded, I was quick to respond with a stern "go lay down" or "go to bed" or "QUIET." Ray knows all three of these commands (although he likes to ignore the "quiet" one), and would grudgingly comply.

This morning on our daily walk, as we passed the vacant house behind us, I noticed a commercial vehicle in the driveway. Curious, I stopped to take a look. The panel on the side of the van read "Wild Animal Wranglers."

Although I'm trying not to get my hopes up, I am cautiously optimistic that the curious case of the dog in the night has been solved. And that the OCD wild animal that entered or exited its lair at the same time every night is in the process of being conclusively wrangled.


  1. Way to go Ray you knew al along. Peeps they sure can be slow at catching on. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Yes, the peeps are a bit slow. But they don't have the hound dog nose, or the blind dog ears, so they have and excuse.
      Thanks for the wishes.

  2. I hope they catch whatever is keeping you and Ray up at night. This is the time of year, when it is not so frigid at night, that Blueberry likes to wake me up to go out at least once. It's amazing how in the winter she can lock her bladder down for up to 15 hours, but when it warms up, she suddenly has to go at 11:30pm, 1 am or 3 am. I suspect she is only out there to try and catch the neighborhood cats that come into the yard. I'm not sure which is worse - hearing a dog horn or having a dog just stare at you until you get out of bed. The staring kills me. I've actually threatened to poke her eyes out. Not that I would...

    1. hahahahahahaha. I so get that. When Ray is whiny I tell him that I'm going to sell him to gypsies. And truthfully, on the right day, in the right mood, I might. (not really)

  3. Blueberry, I emphathize! My little one, Tippy, sleeps on a little fur blanket placed about a foot from my pillow. Sometimes I wake up and just KNOW it's because she's staring at me, waiting for one little movement. If I move AT ALL, she immediately jumps up and lets me know she needs to go out (if it's the middle of the night) or is ready to get up. Drives me crazy...

  4. Ray we so enjoyed your guest appearance on Molly's blog!!!
    Bravo you are a most handsome K9!!
    Hugs madi