Thursday, March 24, 2016

Treat Time


  1. The nose knows :)

    And somehow animals can tell time, I swear. They get used to things happening at a certain time and if you're late, look out ...

    1. I've always wondered where they keep their watches.

      Gregg has trained the cats so that they know they get treats at around 6. When they come inside to get them, we close the pet doors so they are in for the night. OCD animals are the best!

  2. My cat Lucy (did you know a cat showed up at my house and adopted me??) likes to stretch out at the gap at the outside bottom of my bedroom door at 5 am every morning and meow loudly until I get up at 6:15 to feed her, so I've started putting her in the guest room at night which she resents. So at 10 pm, dogs get treats and I toss a few kibble in her bowl, and while she's eating I grab her. She never learns :)