Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's a Bird. It's a Plane.

Dreaming of being Underdog


  1. All he needs is a cape! And, ahem, a bigger place to pose. Not much room on there for anyone else, is there? ha ha :D

  2. heehee.

    I just noticed that yesterday, the day I posted this, was Ray's anniversary. We have had him for 9 whole years. After reading a few of the old posts, I can hardly believe he is the same dog. What a good ole boy he is now. Not that he was ever BAD, just a tad energetic. Now I can hardly get him off the couch to go outside to pee in the morning.

    *sigh* Time passes.

    1. It does, indeed. Especially when we have furry friends and we see their lives lived out so quickly.

  3. Hey! Just noticed you're posting again - yay! I loved Underdog, haven't seen it in...oh, 40 years??