Sunday, June 7, 2020

Your Wish is My Command

I scooped up Lionel and sat down on the couch next to Cully. Cully was in a frisky mood. She reached over with her jaws agape to grab my arm.
"Don't eat me," I said, "Eat Lionel."
Cully stopped dead and looked at me for a moment then reached over and gnnn gnnn gnnned Lionel on the shoulder, like she was chasing a flea. Lionel stayed relaxed in my arms, unmoving, letting Cully give him a shoulder massage. The hound then flung her head back and opened her mouth wide looking like a lion about to roar. She swung her head forward, put her mouth around Lionel's head then moved to his neck and mouthed him gently.
I laughed. Lionel jumped down and strolled away unfazed.
"Of all the commands for her to pick up quickly," I said to Gregg, "I don't think 'Eat Lionel' would have been my first choice."

Dreaming of eating Lionel


  1. Smart girl! :) Was your heart in your mouth when she had Lionel's head in her mouth, though? Mine would be!