Thursday, January 21, 2021


Why we call her Miss Pink Belly

 A couple of months ago, I hired a dog trainer. Although we had conquered most of Cully's fear issues, her fear of trash trucks continued to be a problem. And as she became more confident, her dog aggression  seemed to get worse. Although her dog aggression is still not under control, today we walked by a trash truck without Cully trying to back out of her skin, escape to the nearest backyard, or even walk up into the middle of someone's front yard. It has only taken one year, three months, and an enormous amount of treats but she is finally getting it. Although this might seem minor, this a major victory. 

Next up, dog aggression. And then maybe we'll tackle that little issue of counter surfing...

One year, three months.

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  1. Glad Cully is making progress! For the dog aggression - have you heard of Pet Corrector? It's basically compressed air. When they go nuts, you surreptitiously spray it (not at them). The sound totally distracts them and interrupts the bad behavior. You can check it out on Amazon, read the reviews, etc...