Thursday, December 24, 2009


I used to believe...
  • ...that there is nothing more peaceful-looking in this world than a cat sleeping but I have discovered that dogs are incredibly peaceful-looking too. In the case of Ray, they are also more mournful. I've never heard so many deep sighs and old-man groans than when Ray is curled up in bed. 
  • ...that cats are better than dogs because they can purr. Cats make you feel special by curling up in your lap and purring and purring. Dogs do this by putting their heart and soul into their eyes (even blind dogs). They look at you like you are the only person on the planet that matters to them (of course they do this to anyone with food in their hands but that is beside the point).
  • ...that cats are smarter than dogs. (actually I still believe this, I've just modified my thinking a bit. And of course some cats and dogs are smarter than others). What I've really discovered is how different their intelligence is. Cats are adult smart. You can see their brains working all the time figuring things out, looking at the pros and cons of everything then making a decision (not always the smart one though). Dogs are kid smart. They do stuff they have to to get what they want (If I sit, I will get a treat. If I learn how to open this gate to the upstairs, I can rummage through trash cans and maybe get food from the cat room). But the thing that makes me question a dog's intelligence more than anything is the fact that they eat cat shit and christmas ornaments and pretty much anything else.
  • ...that there was nothing funnier than a cat at play. But watching Ray try to kill a pair of underwear really cracks me up.
  • ...that I would always have cats and never have a dog. But we all know how that turned out...

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