Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ray Makes New Friends

It was supposed to rain in the afternoon so I took Ray to the dogpark early. The rain started shortly after we got home. I spent the day cleaning and Ray spent the day following me from room to room looking bored. If I spent more than 15 minutes in one place he would curl up on the closest piece of furniture and take a nap.
By 3:00 he was looking for something to get into and I needed to go to the grocery store. I bundled him into the car with the thought that I would pick up what I needed then take him to my old Karate school to visit. They have an after-school program for kids 5 years and older, and I thought Ray might enjoy meeting someone new.
I picked up my groceries then hooked Ray to his leash to walk by the school. It was closed. I figured Mr. Jason was out picking up the kids so I walked Ray to the end of the strip mall and back. Ray was excited. He loves to shop (he was window shopping) and he loves the smell of McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, and the Chinese and Greek restaurants.
By the time we got back to the school, Mr. Jason was walking across the parking lot followed by 15 or so kids. When they saw Ray coming up the walk, they all started oohing and ahhhhing. One little girl said "Can we pet your dog?" "Sure," I replied.
The word was barely out of my mouth when all 15 kids swarmed Ray, petting and hugging him. Ray didn't have time to jump. He couldn't move except to try to lick everyone's face and hands at once. He tried to flop on his back to get a belly rub but there were so many kids around that he couldn't maneuver enough to do that. He stood and wagged his tail and gave out kisses to all who wanted them. I tried to make sure that he didn't grab anyone's wrist (he only tried a couple of times) and that he didn't jump up and bop anyone in the face. Ray was in heaven.
Mr. Jason let us into the school with the kids. I handed some treats to the little girls who were fawning all over Ray and told them to tell him to flop. Ray flopped. The little girls were charmed and wanted more treats to feed to Ray. He was doing his one trick over and over (good practice for him). I told Mr. Jason that we'd have to come more often. He told us to come anytime. We stayed for about 15 minutes, then I dragged my unwilling dog away from his newfound friends and went home.

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