Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Wishes



  1. Happy Birthday Ray's Grandma!!
    From Roxy and her Mom.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM. Happy Birthday to you. Mary. ps this has been sung totally off usual

  3. Best wishes from your FAVORITE son-in-law (he says bravely).


  4. Let it be said that 88th birthdays just keep on giving and giving. And they are so interesting. On the 10th I had TWO special delivery packages from OOOPS. The one in the a.m. was a birthday cake from daughter Kathleen and the afternoon one was a new "life fone" because the battery was low in the one I had. Then there is nothing that will lift a birthday girls spirits like a birthday card. The downside of that was fourteen cards and there was an obituary in five of them. The upside of that was they were all for the same person. That was not really a surprise because he was an e-mailer of mine who specialized in vitriolic republican hate mail. When I hadn't heard from him after the Osama shoot to the affect that the U>S> Airforce had been utilized to help kill an unarmed man I knew that the obituary person was preparing to bite the dust or already had.. R.I.P. I also received a card with two dollars in it for a birthday shopping trip. Since everyone close knows that I can't do big stores anymore I thought it was a very thoughtful thing and I am planning to go to the post office and buy four stamps. Then to top this memorable birthday off I receive e-mail wishes from complete strangers on Ray's website. How nice! All in all a most satisfactory day. Aren't you all jealous? Jean's mom