Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Doldrums

Fridays are hard.
I've been working lately, so Ray has had to go to daycare everyday. He loves it when he's there but getting him to go is sometimes difficult. Generally, he's amenable to getting into the car but once we're at 'school', he doesn't want to get out. Like I've mentioned before, he gets really, really comfy in that backseat and sees no reason to get out of it.
Fridays, however, are different. Ray won't even come downstairs to get IN the car, nevermind get out of it once we're at school. Lately, Ray hasn't even wanted to get out of bed. He's tired from all that playing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, last Friday when I saw him curl up on the futon while I was getting ready for work, I knew I was in trouble. I tried to move him, and when he wouldn't, I got my camera and set it up to record for all his fans, Ray's passive resistance. I also wanted to show everyone how much of what I say, Ray understands. Notice that when I promise him that we'll do something tomorrow because it's the weekend, he gets right up. Ray is no dummy. Like everyone else, he's just tired by the time Friday rolls around. He has the Friday Doldrums and is ready for his weekend to begin.


  1. Every time I have to take Roxy to the Vet it is also a 'pain'. sometimes she goes under the bed and then all bets are off and I call and say we are going to be late,can't fit under there and have to wait for her:(

  2. OMG, almost fell off my chair laughing! I went through that exact routine every night at bedtime trying to get him up off the sofa to go outside before bedtime! I had to practically pick him up and set him on his feet every time. Hilarious to see he hasn't changed :)

  3. Did he moan when you tried to get him to move? Most of the time, he will moan or groan. It's the most human of his sounds. I know why you called him Old Man. He sounds just like one.