Friday, September 2, 2011

Ray's New Girlfriend

Ray has a new girlfriend. Ray's girlfriends never seem to have anything in common. Murphy is fast, rough, and a ball of energy. Halle is tall, leggy, and calm. The rottweiler next door to my parents in SC is dark, exotic, and menacing. The only thing the girls have in common is that they are totally uninterested in Ray. Sasha is the only girl that is totally infatuated with Ray, and he will have nothing to do with her anymore (it's heartbreaking).
This girl is no different. She's a tiny, chubby Chihuahua with bulging eyes and bow legs. The little spitfire hurls insults through the window at us every time we pass Ken's house where she stays during the day while his daughter is away at work. Ray worships her from afar. Every day as we near the house, Ray's tail starts to wag and he pulls at the leash to get closer to Peanut's window. Peanut pops up, shrilly yips out a few epithets and pops back down. Pops up, yips, pops down. Pops up, yips, pops down. Ray is entranced by the sound of her voice.
Yesterday, as we were walking around the block, we met Ken with his old husky, Miko, on one leash and Peanut on another. Ray was thrilled when he realized Miko was there (he loves this old dog). Then went into sheer ecstasy when he found a Peanut. He totally abased himself for the little girl; got down on his belly and tried to lick her face. Peanut turned a walked away. Ray tried crawling a bit to get closer to her but Peanut would have none of him. Ray, being used to this type of treatment from his girls decided just being in her presence was enough. We turned and joined Ken for the rest of our walk.


  1. Jean, I took some pictures of Ray at the Doggie swim and would love to send them to you. Call me (703-426-5102) or put your email address in my mailbox and I will get them to you. Ray was too funny.

  2. My girls ignore my blind boy, too! Poor Liam. I'm usually the only one willing to play with him, and then only when he doesn't dispute my ownership of the funky chicken.

    I love your blog, Jean. Your style and subject matter are a delight :)

    Liam's Mom