Friday, September 9, 2011


I couldn't stop laughing.
I had stopped by the vet to get some more betadine spray for Ray's hot spot (which he will NOT leave alone.) I've been loathe to put a satellite dish (Elizabethan collar) on him because I figure, Blind Dog + Satellite Dish = YIKES. The vet tech there recommended an alternative. "It's like an inflatable donut that goes around the dog's neck," he said. "It might work better for Ray."
"That's right," added the receptionist, "One of our customer's gets it for his Basset Hound. His dog is so low to the ground that the Elizabethan collar acted like a bulldozer and was always scooping up dirt. So he got one of the donuts."
So I ran out to PetSmart, picked one up, brought it home, and blew it up. It was now resting snugly around Ray's neck. Ray acted like I'd glued his feet to the floor. I was laughing.
"What?" said Gregg.
I just laughed more and pointed. Gregg extracted himself from the recliner and came to see.
"Abandon ship, Ray. Save yourself." said Gregg to the miserable dog.

Did we hit an iceberg?

I went to get some treats to see if I could convince my dog to move (and to get my phone so that I could take a picture).
Ray moved a few feet to take the treat but still looked miserable. He climbed up on the couch and tried to curl up.
I laughed some more. I couldn't help myself.
Gregg looked at the unhappy hound.
"Don't worry, Ray, it's only a (lifeboat) drill," he said.


  1. I have heard of these and wondered if they would be better than the usual type, bless you Ray for giving me a chuckle this morning :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, too cute! Wow, Ray does have a nice spot going - those are so frustrating :(

  3. Oh Ray, um, hmmm, you look so...stylish! and, um, prepared, just in case of...OH, did I tell you I saw the movie Titanic last weekend?? Something about your pictures reminded me to tell you that. But you may want to ask your mom if you are using that thing the people world they are usually used for sitting the butt on, oh, but wait that is where your problem,hmmm... sorry, never mind I think your mom put it on right, for your kind of little tushie to-do. Happy healing. Hugs.

  4. Better than a conehead.
    ~Melinda from Texas