Friday, December 7, 2012


Ray the Blind Dog Banished from Bedroom!

After four days of creeping ever northward, Ray the Blind Dog was banished from sleeping with his parents until they forget and let him do it again.

Although the hound started off innocuously enough by sleeping curled in a little ball on his dad's side of the bed, every night brought him farther pillow-ward and curled in less of a ball. After watching the dog get closer and closer to his coveted spot, Hugo the Cat decamped in a huff. Ray spent one night curled in a ball between the pillows at the head of the bed. In not-unrelated news, the next day, he was given a bath.

On the night before he was banished, Ray the Blind Dog was stretched full-out, his back against his dad's, his legs extended to their not-insignificant length, pushing against his irate mother who, at this point, was clinging to the edge of the mattress.

On the night of the banishment, the hook-and-eye was deployed and the errant hound was locked out. He spent a considerable amount of time scratching at the door and whining to reclaim his lost privilege. Despite the pathetic-ness of the noise, his parents remained unyielding, knowing full well the inadvisability of letting the dog back to the scene of the crime. Every night thereafter has brought further whining and scratching, but less each night.

After his banishment, the blind hound has resumed sleeping in the space outside the bedroom, and the futon has once again become an expensive dog bed.

Hugo the Cat has since reclaimed his rightful spot.

Banished.  sigh.... 


  1. Awww, poor Ray! But having a futon to sleep on is nothing to sneeze at - pretty sweet deal!

  2. Awww, man - wish I had that kind of willpower; I'd sleep a heck of lot better without two dogs in the bed...

  3. Poor Ray...spent three years working his way into Mom & Dad's bed only to be banished for being a bed hog :(

  4. Oh sad! Could they (and you!) be convinced to have a bed on the floor for you? Or maybe a crate? That's where our Callie sleeps. In a crate in the bedroom. Ray, it's not your fault you're snuggly and have long legs!

    1. If Ray would be content to stay on a bed on the floor, he would be more than welcome in our room. However, I am SURE that he would not. And our bedroom is small, there isn't room for a crate (or a large dog bed for that matter). So Ray will just have to suffer and sleep outside the bedroom on his futon (which is 6 feet long and the size of a couch). POOR RAY.