Monday, December 24, 2012


It was 2:00 a.m. when something woke me. Before I went to bed I'd pushed together the twin beds in the guest room in an effort to give myself more sleeping space. I'd had to try something or it would end up like every other trip to my folks' house, no sleep because of the bed hog.
The something that woke me was a grunting dog. I felt him moving oddly and a then heard a groan. Another stunted, weird movement, and then a grunt and a groan. And then again.
I got up to turn on the light to see what was going on.
The mattresses had shifted. They were about five inches apart and Ray had fallen into the chasm. He was stuck.
I stifled a laugh and went to pull the poor dog from his predicament. I managed to wrestle his weight from the gap and shift Ray onto the bed that was against the wall. Then I pushed the mattresses together again, leaving five inches of box spring exposed on the outside bed.
I quickly hopped back into my bed before the hog dog could steal my spot. As soon as I lay down, Ray curled up against me, spanning the two mattresses. I felt confident that we could both finish our night's sleep without any further need for middle-of-the-night rescues.

Hey Grandpa, could you buy me a new bed?
That other one is DANGEROUS


  1. Bahahaha - I have a king size bed, yet somehow end up hanging off one side with two dogs smashed up beside me, so I empathize! Darling pic and caption :)

  2. You really need a king-sized bed with all of your dogs. At least you never have to worry about being cold at night!

  3. Luvverly - so long as the paws n claws are facing away from you :0/

  4. Oh, poor Ray! Did Grandpa listen to his tale of woe and how The Mom laughed at him? Oh well, it's always better to have a pooch (or five) cuddled up with ya.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!!