Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Cleaning Power of Flower

"You can give that to her," Yuko said to me gesturing towards her dog.

My brother, John, had made an amazing vegetarian lasagna for dinner and I was holding the empty pan. Flower Power was attentively escorting me around the kitchen.

"Really?" I said, totally surprised.
"Yes," said Yuko, nodding, "She will clean it. There won't be anything left. Of course, you have to wash afterwards."
"Really?" I said again.
Yuko nodded.

I put the pan on the floor and stood back. Having a dog who despises vegetables and has a delicate constitution made this show much more interesting to watch than anything on T.V. Flower Power, who was a street dog in the South, can, and will, eat anything without consequence to her digestive tract.

Flower Power attacked the dish with relish. Yuko sat down to help, holding the dish so that it didn't travel. When the little dog was done, I had very little washing to do. I wondered if I could just let her onto the table after dinner the next day to clean all the dishes. What a time saver that would be.






  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I would often place a dish on the floor for my cats to "clean". My late FIL would have a conniption fit, sputtering, "but you have to eat off that plate!" To which I would reply, "Yes, after it has been in the dishwasher."

  2. Zoe eats a little of everything and anything (except the "bad" things like onions, raisins, chocolate...). She will roll lettuce around in her mouth and spit that out tho, but other veggies are fair game. Ray needs to expand his palate (slowly so no tummy troubles), he may enjoy it. Zoe will run you over to get to watermelon!!!

  3. Whew, glad I'm not the only one who does that! Of course, I have three, so I have to hold each dish and make sure they each get a turn :)