Monday, September 29, 2014

Dinner Guests

"When will you be back?" asked Gregg just before I walked out the door at a bright and early 7:30.
"I don't know," I replied, "Probably at the end of the day. The Fiber Fest ends at 5:00; assume I will be home after that."
"I was just asking because of dinner," said Gregg.
"Throw something in the crockpot," I suggested, "That way it doesn't really matter when we eat."
"Good idea," replied the chef as I headed off.
When I got home, the house smelled wonderful.
"Wow, it sure smells good in here," I said as I stashed my purchases, "What's for dinner?"
"Choucroute," said my lovely husband.
"Hm," I responded cautiously, "What is it?"
"It's an Alsatian dish," said Gregg, "with cabbage and sauerkraut and sausage and a pork tenderloin. I've been wanting to try this recipe for awhile."
As soon as I was ready, Gregg was plating our meal. I stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching Ray. The hound was standing close behind Gregg, a large pool of drool on the floor beneath his doggy head.
"Ray's drooling a little," said Gregg in a bit of an understatement, obviously not having looked at the copious amounts of drool on the floor behind him.
Juno was on the other side of Gregg making porpoise noises.
"Go away," said Gregg to his fans.
Ray moved to the other side of Gregg taking Juno's spot, a slime trail of drool followed him. Juno moved to the end of the counter and continued her porpoising.
I laughed.
"Ray's still drooling," I said to Gregg who was busy with the plates. I was grinning as I said it which made Gregg turn to look at the large drool deposits completely hemming him to the counter.
"Gross," he exclaimed, disgust writ large across his face.
He put down the plates and retrieved a length of paper towels suitable for mopping dog drool, and laid them on the floor behind him.
"You might want to give them some of the pork so they'll leave you alone," I said.
"I got it covered," said Gregg as he dropped a few pieces of the tenderloin into Ray's dish and put a small plate in front of Juno.
Excitedly, the animals tucked in, their snacks evaporating into thin air.
Gregg and I retired to our table; our dinners evaporated in a similar manner.


  1. Wow, that sounds like some dish! Harvey wasn't hungry??

    1. Harv was off doing something. He's very busy all the time and just stops by every once in awhile to grab a bite, take a nap, and get a few quick pets. I need to get a Harvey-cam to see what he is up to all day.

  2. Speaking of drool (wonderful subject that it is), I had to take Moby the cat to the vet last week. Riding in kitty jail on the way stresses him so that he drools terribly. It looks like he has shoe strings hanging out of his mouth.

  3. Thank you for following going gently ........I have enjoyed my amble through your blog
    Greetings from a north Wales village