Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cleaning Day

My bathroom needed cleaning. By happy coincidence so did my dog.
It was a bit too chilly outside to give Ray a bath in the driveway as usual, so I made the command decision to use my shower. I figured after the dog-cleaning, I would do a shower-cleaning.

Ray seemed amenable, probably because he had absolutely no idea what he was in for. I changed into a bathing suit, led the unsuspecting dog into the bathroom, closed the door, screwed off the shower head, put a spray hose in it's place, and turned on the water. By the time I was done preparing, Ray was sitting in the corner up against the door, a look of uh-oh on his face.
I laughed at the picture of abject abjectness and realized I had forgotten something. I went to get my camera...
Uh oh. Don't you come near me!

How do I get out of here?


We're done, right?

Can I go now?

This part isn't so bad

Can't you leave me alone?

…and then she locked me in a waterproof room and sprayed me with a hose. It was awful.

Can I get up there with you?
I'm so glad I'm not a dog

Sent by Ray's foster mom, Amber

You're not alone Ray.


  1. Excellent captions as usual, poor Ray, what an awful ordeal ;)

  2. give the dog a break.. A towel on his head. please.........

  3. Oh poor Ray! We sympathize with ya big guy,