Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monkey Fur, you say?

"Does Harvey sleep on the chair anymore since I replaced his cloud with monkey fur?" I asked Gregg.

The preceding sentence sounds cryptic, but the meaning is clear enough if you know that the recliner in the family room had been appropriated by Harvey ever since I had to semi-destuff one of Ray's beds just before a trip south to fit it into the car. I had left the de-stuffing in a heap on the chair, and while Ray and I were out of town, Harvey took to sleeping on the pile. The blissful frenzy of kneading that occurred before every nap convinced us to leave the pile of stuffing on the chair and refer to it as "Harvey's Cloud." Recently, however, I bought some furry fabric and made a cushion, stuffed it with Harvey's Cloud, and put it back on the recliner. I hadn't noticed if Harvey had resumed sleeping on it since the replacement.

"He uses it," replied Gregg, "I saw him on it just recently."
"Good," I said, "I would have hated to take away his favorite sleeping place."

An hour or so later, Ray, having of course understood every single word I had said, and needing to check out the comfort level of monkey fur, was sleeping on Harvey's new cushion.


  1. Part of me was worried about the title of this post...I thought somehow, Harvey or Juno had skinned some poor living creature they shouldn't have.

    I ditto the sentiment of Ray's spookiness. I believe if it ever came to pass that a dog could speak - Ray would likely be the first. That's how amazing he is.

    1. Bwahahaha! Funny, Blueberry :) Yes, I vote to change the blog name to "Ray the Amazing Blind Dog" :)

    2. As far as I know, there are no monkeys loose in Northern Virginia. If there were, I'm pretty sure Juno would have brought one home by now.
      I can't begin to tell you how many times Ray has done something to prove that he understands exactly what I say. His verbal skills are amazing. Although he still pretends he doesn't understand "Stay"