Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Naughty List

I heard paper ripping, never a good sound when one is not the one doing the ripping. I hurried into the front hall and found Ray happily tearing open a present. I saw with horror that it was Gregg's present from my sister, Kathy. When I had opened the box from Colorado on the previous day, I had left the gift on the kitchen counter. Gregg must have dropped it under the tree when he got home, I thought as I extracted the ever-so-slightly-damp-and-dog-toothed book from the grinning Ray.
When Gregg got home that night I met him with the news.
"Did you put it under the tree?" I asked him about the gift.
"No," replied my lovely husband, "Last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen counter."
I shook my head ruefully, amazed, as always, 
that a blind hound would know that there was a wrapped present on the kitchen counter. Although, why Ray would think that someone was sending him a BOOK for Christmas is a bit of a mystery.
In an entirely different, but totally related, vein. Someone ate the top off of a cinnamon bun left on the same kitchen counter. It was tidily done; the bun never moved from where it had been left, but the frosting was gone. Although I can't be 100% sure, I'm fairly certain The Dumpling did it. She of the broad palate. Harvey has a much more refined taste in food. Juno will eat anything not nailed down.
So that's two of the three kids on Santa's naughty list. For now.


  1. I'd keep a close eye on Harvey in case he decides to join the naughty list too. Peer pressure.

    Juno and I eat cinnamon buns the same way. The top with the frosting is the only part worth eating. ;)

    1. hahahahahahaha (about the cinnamon buns).

      I have been keeping watch on Harvey as good as I can but he' away so much building his rocketship that we don't see him as much as the other two.