Monday, June 15, 2009

Ray Arrives Home

Gregg came out to meet us when we arrived. Ray, of course, was happy to meet him. He's happy to meet anyone. Gregg was not quite as happy to meet Ray. Although he'd left the decision up to me, he really didn't believe I'd bring home a blind dog. We unpacked the car and let Ray into the backyard and house. He immediately started pacing it off.

Gregg said "I see Charlotte outside with her dog, do you want to go out and see her?" Charlotte lives down the street with a little King Charles Spaniel named Casey. I quickly snapped on Ray's leash and led him outside. Ray sensed Casey and immediately rushed him, scaring the bejesus out of him. He REALLY wanted to play. He slipped his collar and I grabbed frantically to slip it back on. Gregg came out to help.
Our neighbor, Sandra, from across the street came over with Maddy, her Cocker Spaniel. Ray went insane. Maddy gave him what for. Ray look confused but wasn't deterred. He jumped to the end of his leash, spinning around. Our neighbors from both sides started amassing. Steve, Kate, Matt, and Kirsten, were all there enjoying the show but after the initial introduction, Ray only had "eyes" for the dogs.

Casey stayed hidden behind Charlotte but Maddy was made of sterner stuff. Ray tried impressing her by lying down and showing how small (and submissive) he could make himself but Maddy still wasn't buying it. She growled and snarled and nipped. Ray was very disappointed. Sandra didn't press it and said the initial intro had gone pretty well. We both had hopes for future friendship.

The rest of the afternoon and evening Ray paced off the backyard and lower floor of the house until he had it memorized. He was afraid to go up the stairs which was a good thing for the cats (Moonie and Hugo) who had disappeared upstairs at the first sight of him. We moved the cat food into the cat's bedroom so that Ray couldn't eat it. We threw his bed in the kitchen, closed it off with a baby gate donated by Charlotte, and went to bed.

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