Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ray Regresses to Puppy

Ray woke up full of energy after a long nap and ran into the backyard to tell everyone. 
Ray's yelling fits are longer and more frequent now that he's more used to his surroundings. I think he's announcing things. I've noticed that my arrival in the backyard gets two or three turns around the yard, his bowel movements four or five turns, and burying a bone really gets him worked up (I lose count). Other events that he announces aren't so obvious. Is he yelling about the weather? the time? telling other dogs he's going to kick their asses? I'm not sure what all the yelling is about, but Ray is certainly a vocal dog. 
As I busied myself with dinner, Ray kept himself occupied doing doggy things. 
When Gregg got home, I found out exactly with what Ray was keeping himself occupied. 
I went to empty the compost bucket, took two steps out the back door and said "Uh oh."(I was thinking "Oh shit, Ray, you're still on probation"). 
"What's wrong?" asked Gregg. 
"I hope you didn't want your old sandals," I replied. 
I came in carrying one of the sandals with the back chewed off. 
"The other one's in the backyard," I said. 
"It's a good thing those are the ones that are already paid for," said Gregg. 
He had just bought a new pair two weeks previously and didn't seem particularly concerned about the old, newly-chewed shoes. I decided to move my own shoes from the usual shoe-drop which is just inside the front door.
I continued to the compost bin with Ray trailing. I emptied the bucket, put it on the ground, and was fastening the lid back on the bin when I turned to find Ray licking out the scum-laced bucket. ew. 
Gregg had taken over dinner preparations so I went back outside with Ray to play. I picked up Ray's favorite rope toy, the one that Hannah had sent, to play tug-of-war. Ray loves playing tug-of-war but playing this game with a blind dog is not for the faint-of-heart. He usually bites me a couple times durning the game, and I am fully aware that someday I may end up in the emergency room, but if we only have him for a month, I can't deny him a few really good games of something he loves. Besides, it really is a blast and that element of danger makes it even more exciting. 
After the game, Ray and I headed back into the house. I was doing kitchen stuff when I noticed that Ray wasn't on the couch and it was way too quiet for him NOT to be, so I started looking around. I didn't have far to look. Ray was in the bathroom doing what you always see puppies doing in toilet paper commercials. He had TP all over the bathroom and the roll that was left on the holder was a little damp and slightly shredded. Ray does enjoy paper. Paper towels, newspaper, kleenex, napkins, anything that he can pick up and carry around (and sometimes shred.) I don't think he's eating it, just using it as a toy. We really have to keep an eye on the trash cans. I decided maybe it was a good idea to start keeping the bathroom door closed. 
Gregg told me the other day that having Ray around is kinda the same as living on a boat. Everything needs to be battened down. Gregg battens down the hatches before he goes to bed or leaves a room. I think it's a good way to look at things but Gregg is obviously better at it than I am. Since day-one we've been putting rubber bands (the thick ones that come on asparagus) around the handles of the kitchen cabinets. One rubber band around two handles so that the doors can't be opened unless we take the rubber band off. I don't really think Ray can get into the kitchen cabinets, but I don't want to find out the hard way. 
Despite his exciting day of doctor visits, napping, and mischief, Ray followed his usual M.O. and zonked out as soon as it got dark. Hugo and Moonie have caught on that Ray becomes inert at night and come down for awhile in the evening before they just get too nervous and go back upstairs. Progress is still being made but the clock is ticking....

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