Sunday, November 29, 2009

The End of Thanksgiving

Three days after Thanksgiving. We decided to have a Cobb Salad with the remains of the turkey (breast) carcass. I volunteered to cut the last of the bits of turkey off the bones. The breast was covered in foil on the counter in front of me. The cats were standing by for turkey bits, Ray was in bed.
"Cough," I said to Gregg. "Cough or Ray will hear me taking the foil off of the turkey and come into the kitchen." We both started coughing. We heard the jingling and it wasn't Santa. Ray appeared at the door of the kitchen. "SIT. STAY," I said. Ray sat and stayed. I dropped a piece of turkey in front of him. Moonie scooted by him and up the stairs. Hugo hunkered down behind the rolling butcher block cart and watched Ray scarf up his tasty morsel. I filled a plate with turkey for our dinner and one for the cats. I dropped a few pieces on the ground for Ray.
We all gave thanks one last time.

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