Friday, May 7, 2010

Hmmm, what's THIS?

One thing about Ray that I just haven't been able to figure out is why he will ignore something for 9 months, then one day randomly decide that it is something to be chomped on or played with. It's hard to dog-proof a house when I can't anticipate.
For example, I have one of those foldy knitting things that are supposed to hold a current knitting project. Mine holds knitting needles (I have LOTS of knitting needles), including a pair of custom-made rosewood knitting needles that I bartered a scarf for. (I liked them because they weren't exactly the same size which made them unique.) Well, those knitting needles sat in exactly the same spot sticking out of that foldy thing for 6 months. One day, Ray ambles over and CHOMP. Takes the end clean off (thank God I know a kind wood-worker who made me a new one.) He did the same thing with a Niddy Noddy (look it up) that I had made out of PVC. One day, amble over, CHOMP.
Today, Ray found my beading supplies. I found him with a spool of wire and a plastic tube of beads. Maybe he was thinking of spiffing up his collar or making something for his girlfriend Halle. Then he started in on the sewing machine drawer again (as seen in the video Ray is Bored). He walked off with a tiny flashlight, a spool of thread, a small brush with a squeeze thing on the end to blow dirt and thread out of the bobbin case. He chomped a board that I use for my easel. All of this stuff has been around since day one. Today it is play-worthy.
Finally, he found his favorite toy of all, a swiffer duster that I had left lying around. He settled down to rip it to shreds. I settled down to blog...

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