Monday, May 3, 2010

Ray has Sweet Dreams

Last night we were watching TV. Ray was curled up at my feet, sleeping. He was snoring and dreaming when all of a sudden his tail started wagging, thumping hard against the leather couch. It was as loud as a beating drum. Not long after that, he was running, his feet and legs going, the muscles in his shoulders twitching.
I've seen him run before in his dreams but the tail wag was a new one. I found myself thinking about it most of the night. What was he so happy about? I had a few ideas:
  • Meeting his girlfriend, Halle
  • Meeting his girlfriend, Clover
  • Meeting his girlfriend, Sasha (Sash asked that she be added to this list, she was very upset that I had forgotten to include her)
  • Getting a frozen marrow bone
  • William coming to visit
Maybe all of the above all at once. I wondered if he remembered his dream when he woke up and if it still made him feel good. I sure hope so. It makes me feel good just thinking about it.

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