Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ray and JoJo

I haven't had much to blog about lately despite the fact that Ray was so bad one day last week that I was ready to sell him to gypsies. It was just one of those days when he wouldn't settle down even after two hours of running at the dog park and a one mile walk later in the afternoon. Every time I started to do anything, I would hear rummaging and have to check to see what he was into. The day culminated with him eating half a package of ground pork that was sitting on the counter defrosting (Ray was in the backyard playing with Sergio and William. I took the opportunity to run upstairs to feed the cats. I was gone about 10 seconds when I heard William say, "What are you DOING?" and then Sergio say, "Dude, why did you let him do that?" By the time I got downstairs, half the pork was gone. It did not agree with Ray's delicate constitution.)
But this weekend he was sweet and cute so I cancelled the gypsies and decided to keep him. Yesterday and today it was raining. But when the rain stopped this morning for a bit, I decided to run him to the dog park and see if anyone was there. None of the regulars were there but Ray had the opportunity to make a new friend named JoJo who was kind enough to let Ray maul him about.
Here are a few shots of Ray and JoJo playing and a couple of videos that were sent to me by JoJo's friend, Gail (thanks Gail!).

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