Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Year Retrospective - Part II

Well, I added a few things to Part I, Things that are Better, then started to think about all the stuff that we've all learned in the past year. So here is Part II - Things We've Learned.

Things We've Learned:
  • Don't leave food on the counter, or anywhere else that Ray can reach it, unless you WANT it to disappear into thin air.
  • Don't leave kitchen cabinets open.
  • Don't leave things in the back yard in places that they weren't before.
  • Don't leave shoes with tassels lying around (so far the count is 2 pair of Gregg's shoes de-tasseled, 2 pair of my shoes de-tasseled).
  • Always let Ray out to pee before you go anywhere.
  • Never, ever, ever leave the door to the cat room open. Ray hears the hook come out of the eye and sneaks in Ninja style every time.
  • Never leave a cup of coffee anywhere. Even if you think Ray can't reach it, he can.
  • Ray's neck is long enough to stretch to the bottom of the sink.
  • Ray is always taller than you think. I think he may have two pair of high heels hidden somewhere that he can slip on at a moments notice.
  • Ray can smell a baby a mile away.
  • As far as dogs go, Ray is as stubborn as they come but sweet, sweet, sweet.
  • When going out to the backyard to cut asparagus, never carry a knife in your back pocket and ALWAYS keep an eye on the spastic cannonball.
  • You can't trust a blind dog with yarn or wool of any kind.
  • You cannot force a friendship between a dog and a cat.
Things Ray has Learned:
  • How to walk without tripping over curbs.
  • How to jump into and out of cars (it's harder to get him out once he gets comfortable in the back seat).
  • How to climb stairs.
  • How to open the gate to the stairs.
  • How to sit.
  • How to stay (temporarily).
  • How to flop (he is pretty good at doing this when kids are around - but only after he realizes he is not allowed to jump on them).
  • How to shake hands.
  • How to Go (leave the room - - and come in a different door).
  • That there really is no chance that he will be allowed to help cook or be offered food that is being cooked.
  • Cat food tastes better than dog food.
  • There is nothing more fun than the dog park.
  • If you just bide your time, the humans will slip up eventually and you can get what you want.
Things Moonie has Learned
  • Ray can be avoided pretty easily but you can't trust him to not sneak up on you.
  • Dehydrated chicken livers taste pretty good.
  • Once the dog is asleep you can sniff his feet and he doesn't know.
  • If you wait until after dinner, the dog doesn't bother you.
  • Things will never be the same.
Things Hugo has Learned
  • Dehydrated chicken livers taste pretty good.
  • Dog food isn't too bad either.
  • If you sit on the stair landing, you are invisible.
  • If you wait until after dinner, the dog doesn't bother you but he steals your seat next to mom.
  • Things will never be the same.

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