Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ray, Creature of Habit

Ray has developed a tried-and-true method of eating his dog food:
  • Stand directly outside of kitchen door with head cocked and ears deployed in Dumbo mode while mom dispenses kibble into bowl.
  • Stand with head jammed between mom and kitchen counter while food is dispensed into bowl
  • Sit next to eating area after food is dispensed into bowl; wait patiently for bowl to be placed on floor
  • Begin to eat kibble
  • Hear cat food dishes hit the counter
  • Abandon dog food and dribble kibble across the floor to check out cat food dishes
  • Lick fork after mom puts prescription food in Hugo's dish VARIATION lick empty can until every last micron of food is gone
  • Return to kibble
  • Hear pop top being pulled on Moonie's food
  • Abandon dog food and dribble kibble across the floor to lick cat food can lid for Moonie's food
  • Lick fork after mom puts food in Moonie's dish
  • Return to kibble
  • Eat dribbled kibble off of floor when mom taps floor with finger at all the bits and pieces scattered hither and yon
  • Return to kibble
  • Finish kibble and try to sneak food out of cat food dishes before mom carries them away to feed Moonie and Hugo
Ray has found this to be a fairly effective method of eating his breakfast and dinner so he doesn't vary the methodology.

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