Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Welcome Home

Ray spent the week with Gregg while I was in Vegas for the reunion. I wondered what kind of welcome I would get. It's been a year, after all, that Ray has been with us. Would he wag his tail? Jump up and greet me?
I entered the house and heard a 'thump' upstairs as Ray jumped off the bed and hit the floor. He ambled down the stairs and approached me tentatively. "Hi, Ray," I said, "Did you miss me?" Ray stopped when his nose touched my thigh. He snuffled my leg down to my knee while I pet him. I walked over and sat on the couch. Ray followed, touched his nose to my shoulder and snuffled down my arm. As I rubbed his ears, Ray put his nose up to my mouth almost touching it. I sat still. Ray stood sniffing my breath (it couldn't have been good) for what seemed like a long time. Then, apparently satisfied that I hadn't been drinking, Ray jumped up on the couch next to me, curled into a ball and went to sleep.


  1. Roxy understands. His Mom went to the hospital and did not come foe for 3 weeks. When she came in the door, she looked different ( 30# smaller) and smelled different. I did not understand that she had heart surgery. It took me a few minutes to figure things out and curled up in her lap and gave her kisses.

  2. It was interesting to hear about your reunion with Ray. Reminds me of the time I was in the hospital after a gall bladder surgery that went wrong. When I came home in a "transport" Van for I couldn't walk, too weak..well my Black Lab had missed me so much that after they put me to bed "Superdog" almost went through the glass sliders for he wanted and did jump on my bed. He actually hyperventiliated for close to 1 hour. Then he calmed down and went to sleep. I don't think he slept at all while I was gone for about 14 days. Did you have a lot of fun in Vegas?

  3. Vegas was really fun. We missed having mom and dad there though. (And we missed you too. Maybe next time?)