Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where'd she go?

Ray can't relax. He's so worried about his bones that he just can't relax. He has spent the last three days digging them up. One by one, Ray's bones, in various levels of decomposition, have been reappearing.
The problem is, once the bones have been unearthed, Ray has to keep an eye on Murphy to make sure she doesn't steal them. The other problem is, Ray is blind so he can't really see what Murphy is up to. So every time he hears the jingle of her dogtags, Ray rushes to the dog door to make sure Murphy's not headed outside to steal his bones. Ray will stand with his head down, blocking the doorway until he hears her lay down. Only then will he curl up on a chair, one ear cocked, waiting for her next move.
So, to help out my blind dog, I've been taking his bones and putting them up on the bookshelf. I make sure he knows that that's what I've been doing with them. I take them from his mouth and clunk them on the wood so that he knows exactly where they are. Every time I do it, Ray relaxes a bit. Then he goes out and digs up another one.


  1. The bookshelf resembles a curio cabinet with bones for study and display. I hope this is a temporary exhibition! - - Ray's dad.

  2. love it, the vision of the bones lined up like a serial killers mementoes !