Monday, August 22, 2011

Did I hear Dinner?

For all his being able to trip me up on a walk (tip - do not use a very short leash when walking a blind hound), Ray is not one to get underfoot when he is being fed. Although, in the interests of full disclosure, when I first brought him home Ray would be right by my side when his food would come out of the cupboard. Now, when he hears his food container, Ray goes to a spot in the living room and waits, head cocked, listening.
He starts out a few paces away and listens while I put the crunchies in his bowl. Then he when he hears the top of the can come off, he moves a little closer. I never actually see him move, he is just all of a sudden there. And when his bowl hits the floor, Ray is ready, in place, patiently waiting for his dinner.


  1. Roxy can tell time, what other reason is there for her whining at me when its dinner time??

  2. Wish ours would do that, ours congregate in the kitchen, Minty and Twiggy doing some sort of two part harmony whine, and Conor gets as close as he possibly can to the person doing the weighing and distributing, almost like the director of operations....then we get the greyhound dance as they follow us outside where dinner is served, on a chair so they don't have to bend down - then after about 3 seconds, eating is over, a quick trot up the garden for the ablutions then - back to bed !

  3. :) I love Ray! I want to know how Tonka can hear (from downstairs at the other end of the house) a hard boiled egg yoke being crumbled into his bowl upstairs in the kitchen.Must be a blind dog thing!

  4. Brenda, I've often thought that dogs have secret pockets where they keep their pocket watches (I know they don't wear wristwatches so they must have pockets).

    Niki, Isn't it funny how they all have their own routines. Just like cats, I think dogs are all OCD.

    Tonka's mom, Isn't it amazing the things they hear? Ray is the same way with a cat food dish or can. If I open a cat food can, no matter where he is sleeping, and no matter how loudly I cough to hide the sound, Ray hears it and appears so that he can lick the fork. Same with the cat food dish, if he hears the dish hit the counter, he knows that cat food is not far behind and, magically, there he is. Gotta love that extra sensory perception.

  5. Why is it that when Roxy is in our bedroom at the back of the house and all windows are closed that she knows (and barks) when a dog walks by??