Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One thing that I have noticed that Ray and Hugo have in common is the simple pleasure they get out tiny little acts of total autonomy. With Hugo, it's getting to stick his paw in the bag of cat treats and help himself to one (or two). With Ray, it's when we return home from a walk, are only separated from the house by the front yard, and I turn him loose so that he can gallop up to the front door alone. (Granted, Ray does sometimes end up in the shrubbery to the left of the front door, but he self corrects and finds his way.)
Both Hugo and Ray LOVE being able to do these things by themselves without any help from humans. Such small things, and such a fleeting moment of happiness. Something that we wouldn't give a second thought to.
I think it's the complete autonomy of the act that makes them so happy. Of course, in Hugo's case it may be just the fact that he gets to help himself to more food. But in Ray's case? Is it being trusted enough to be turned off-leash for a moment? Is it having a home that he likes going to? Or is it just knowing where the front door is that makes him so happy?

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