Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hmmmm. What did she mean by that?

It was hot and steamy. A typical Northern Virginia day. Ray and I were dragging around the lake. A 20 something girl was approaching. As she neared, she got a smile on her face.
"Nice..," she said.
I started to swell with pride as I usually do when someone is complimenting my dog.
"...shorts," she finished.
I deflated a bit but then realized I, myself, had just received a compliment from a YOUNG person.
I spent the rest of the walk wondering if she was being sarcastic.

I really don't want to be seen with her but she's holding the leash.


  1. And so all those "nice shoes!" comments you've given out over the years come back to haunt you. (I think she was sincere, BTW. They ARE nice shorts!)

  2. hmmm, can't hear the intonation, can't tell if you're mocking me or not. I'm thinking you probably are...

  3. If I was mocking you, I'd have said, "NICE shorts!!!!" When I'm being sincere I say, "They ARE nice shorts!" Very different, indeed. Now, ask me what I think about your shoes.......

  4. LOL! Before I even read the past I thought, "where did she get those"?