Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Gregg

Today was a good day. It was my lovely husband's birthday. We were both happy that he was alive and celebrated with presents, pecan pie, and a hike.
We decided to return to the same place that we went on Christmas eve. We really like this hike. It's challenging for a couple of people used to streets and the rather generic path around our neighborhood lake, and is extremely challenging for the blind hound. The path parallels the Bull Run (river) and has steep drop-offs and rocky patches. I brought both of Ray's leashes: the shorter leather leash for navigating over the rocks, and the retractable leash for all the other areas.
Ray was a trooper and managed well. He was rather fascinated with the sound of the river rapids so we managed to get him to the riverside so that he could explore.
To commemorate the event - Gregg's first birthday P.C. (post cancer), and Ray's river expedition, I took a few photos and made a 1 minute video.


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Gregg! What a great way to celebrate...outside , on a hike, with family (2 and 4 legged members). Sounds like a very good way to start this new year.

    1. Hey Anne,
      I will let Gregg know that you've wished him a happy birthday.
      I read your comment about unexpected visitors and had to laugh. We haven't had a raccoon or a possum, we've just had things that the cats have dragged in: squirrels, rabbit, chipmunk, mice and birds (live and dead) galore. We've also had other cats but none so brazen as our visitor this weekend. He was back tonight but was chased out by us and (when he heard the commotion) by Ray. I hate to do it because I love cats but ya gotta draw the line somewhere...

  2. Looks so nice there and a lovely way to quietly celebrate the simple things in life.

  3. Happy Birthday to Gregg and hugs for the intrepid Ray...

  4. Birthdays are always to be celebrated...especially this one. Happy Birthday Gregg! A big hug across the miles to all of you.