Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday Ray had a playdate with his old pal, Murphy. Although they only had two hours to play, they managed to cram a lot in. Here is an abbreviated list of the things they accomplished as well as a really bad one minute video of the two of them:
  1. Destuffed a toy
  2. Played keepaway with multiple bones
  3. Dug a few holes
  4. Took a timeout to chew a couple of bones
  5. Shared a squeaky toy
  6. Tore around the yard
Despite the fact that Rachel had packed all of Murphy's toys and bones into a basket and stashed them under an endtable, the clever dogs managed to empty the toybasket and scatter the toys from one end of Rachel and Josh's house to the other.
Ray also buried a bone in Murphy's yard when she wasn't looking, tried to teach her the Rebel Yell, and came pretty close to getting his mouth around his favorite cat, Izzy.
All in all, a good visit for the blind hound and his best friend.

Are you sure there aren't any more toys?

"You know, I just vacuumed," said Rachel
Who's got the bone?


  1. When I watched this video, my cat Fiona was sitting on my lap. When she heard Ray howl she leaped off my lap and ran into the closet. My two dogs were in the living room. They both heard Ray howl and ran out the dog door to see what dog was in the back yard. It was pretty funny considering the computer is in the back room.

  2. Haha, Conor too looked up when he heard Ray, I love how Murphy is totally unmoved by Rays howls, yeah like I've heard it all before dude, get your own ball......

  3. Awww, I'm so happy they were able to get together!

  4. Roxie just ignores Ray's yelling the squeaky toy got her attention though!

    1. That's because Roxy hears Ray yell every day. Nothing new to her. The two squeakers going at once though, now that's SOMETHING!

  5. Oh, I am so glad they got a playdate! There is nothing better than 'seeing' old friends and re-connecting. I bet they both slept well afterwards. Tummy rubs and ear scratchies for Ray and Murphy (aka Pigpen) ;)

  6. Jean, you are right. Squeaky toys for Roxy are like bones to Ray.