Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Photos - December 2010 (and one from November)

Rachel and Ray
The lake, November 15th
The lake, December 4
The lake December 19th
December 8th
Can we go now?
Stream running to lake, December 10
Ray and Gregg, Dec 10th

December 19th

Lakeside, Dec. 19th
I think they went this way.

Roving Lumberjack?
or Beaver?

Visiting Sandra and Maddie
Maddie, Sandra, and Ray

Why did you let the dog in my room?
And more importantly, why is my food dish empty?
If looks could kill
Shackelton (Moonie)

Babysitting Murphy
Asleep on Gregg's hand

Rachel, Ray, and Murphy




Into the woods


  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories of Ray with all of us! I enjoy reading them. It looks like Ray has a great life with you in Virginia! I hope you, Gregg, and Ray have a Merry Christmas! Christine in Columbia,SC

  2. Thanks for reading, Christine! I'm always glad to hear that Ray's people in SC are still keeping tabs on him and making sure he's OK. Merry Christmas to you too!