Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pool Daze

Today was the first day of school. Which means that yesterday was the last day of pool and the annual dog-swim.

As usual, it was a blast.

I always thought that the dog-swim consisted of a whole lot of dogs barking and running around in barely controlled mayhem. This year, I actually took a moment to look around and noticed that the only mayhem at the pool was created by Ray. None of the other dogs were barking, they were quietly swimming and jumping after balls and toys.

Ray, however, was a non-stop baying machine, rushing up and down the side of the pool yelling at the water and everyone in it. I can't decide if he thinks everyone is drowning and is alerting the general public for blocks around, or if he is just excited to be around water, like at Leesylvania State Park.

Isn't it open yet?
This year, Ray took the plunge FIVE times, although some of those plunges were assisted by the general public and some were caused by Ray overbalancing at the side of the pool. He is quite the swimmer and, I think, would give Michael Phelps a run for his money.

Maybe if I try this way...
I don't want anyone to think that Ray is afraid of the water and that I am so mean to make him swim when he can't see where he is going. Because I know Ray isn't afraid. Oh no, not my dog. He's not a quivering, scared hunk of dogflesh. In fact, the second he climbs out of the pool at the end of a swim, Ray is right back at the side, rushing back and forth, yelling his fool head off. And for the entire next year, every time we pass the pool, Ray will try to pull me up the driveway and back to the water. Because that's what he does now, and did for the last year, and the year before that. You know, just in case it's open, and he's invited in for a swim.
(Thank you Maddie's dad for the great photos!)

Hey, how's the water? Let's play Marco Polo!
I know Maddie is around here somewhere.

Hee hee hee. He'll never find me.
(Sandra and Maddie)
Uh oh, here he comes.


  1. How I love this whole idea and wonder what Conor would make of swimming, I know Twiggie is a bit afraid of the sea, we went to Cornwall with her and she ran up and down the edge of the water frantic as Jez was out there surfing and she wanted him back, but not badly enough to actually swim after him ! Ray looks like he is in water heaven !

  2. You all look like you're having so much fun!!! Glad you had a great time!

  3. Oh Jean, there was mayhem!!! Yes Ray was the loudest, but there were many dags running around trying to leave or avoid the pool :) Roxy is not a fan of the annual swim, therefore was a quivering piece of dog flesh! It is a lot of fun though.