Saturday, September 8, 2012

Step Dancing

Yesterday, Ray and I walked with Mirella Addante, the owner of Just Fur Pets, Ray's daycare. I like saying Mirella's name, it sounds delicious to me. ("Oh, yes. I'll have the Mirella Addante with extra parmesan, please.") Mirella Addante lives within walking distance of our house, and lately, because she has a new puppy, Mirella Addante has been taking a lot more walks.
Ray is not particularly interested in Ernie, the new puppy, but he fawns all over Ernie's big brother Bert, who is not particularly interested in Ray. In keeping with his penchant for older women that treat him badly or ignore him, Ray always tries to befriend cool male dogs that believe they are vastly superior to the blind hound. Although, eventually, Ray wins the hearts of the females, it never works with the males. The best Ray can hope for is to gain their tolerance.
Watching Mirella Addante walk her two dogs is like watching a dancer perform some kind of really complicated routine involving lots of hand movements and footwork. Because Ernie is zooming back and forth and around and under, Mirella Addante (OK, I'll stop now) is constantly flinging leashes back and forth and around and under, as well as performing some pretty fancy dance steps in order to keep from tripping over dogs and leashes. Because the dogs are Springers and natural swimmers, they become more excited as they near the boat landing at the lake, their usual swimming hole. Mirella's dance becomes more frantic; hands, leashes, and feet flying; choreography that would be the envy of Michael Flatley.
Meanwhile, Ray is above it all, way out front, leading the pack, and all I have to do is make sure that I lift Ray's leash high enough to keep from conking Mirella in the head as she performs her pas de deux.

Bert, Mirella Addante, and Ernie
Enjoying a swim with Bertie Bert Bert


  1. That's a cute puppy, and I want to join in with this fun walking :'(

    1. There is only one answer. Start working on a transporter that can zap you (or us) back and forth over the ocean.
      And yes, Ernie is SO CUTE.

  2. Hey, Ray's peeps....check this out....Dogington Post did a piece on "Frito Feet"

    PS: I concur with Niki's assessment - Ernie is adorable!