Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here, Try This On

"Come on up to my work room and I'll wind that skein of yarn into a ball for you," I told Ray's girlfriend, Cindy.
We had just returned from yarn shopping and were standing in the front hall.  Ray's ecstatic greeting, as usual, left me feeling like chopped liver. All the excitement was obviously for the benefit of his girl.
I slipped off my sandals.
"Should I take off my shoes?" asked Cindy.
"Yes, please," I replied. A couple of guys had come in the morning to clean the carpets. Instructions were, "no shoes for 24 hours." (tip of the day - when carpets crunch underfoot, it's time to get them cleaned).
Cindy left her sandals next to the small mountain of shoes adjacent to the front door. We headed to the stairs; the damp carpet felt refreshing to hot toes.
When I reached the top, I turned and caught a quick glimpse of Ray following Cindy up. Something was dangling from his mouth but I didn't get a good look at it before he was blocked from sight by her body.
"What's he got there?" I asked Cindy.
When she reached the top of the stairs, Cindy turned to look, then started to giggle. Ray was still coming up the stairs, the strap of one of Cindy's sandals held delicately between his teeth, the shoe swinging jauntily.
It was Prince Charming, looking for his Cindy-rella.

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