Monday, January 28, 2013

King Solomon's Mines

It was late in the day and I was in the bedroom putting my laundry away. Ray had followed me upstairs, jumped up on the bed, and made himself instantly comfortable.
I turned on the TV, which is mounted above my dresser. King Solomon's Mines was playing. While I sorted my clothes, I watched Stewart Granger save a native then subdue a cobra with his hat (what a man!).
I finished sorting and was stashing piles of clothing in multiple drawers when Ray stood up and moved to the edge of the bed to 'watch' the TV. Curious, I looked up to see what had caught my dog's interest.  Stewart and Deborah (Kerr) were making out in the jungle. I wondered what it was about the steamy jungle scene that fascinated the blind dog when I realized that the background noise was monkeys. Ray's head was tilting back and forth as he tried to make sense of the sound of monkeys in the bedroom.
"Uh, Ray," I said to the hound, "It's just the TV. There aren't really monkeys here."
Embarrassed that he'd been fooled and slightly disappointed that he didn't have a monkey to play with, Ray turned back to his spot on the bed and curled up with his nose tucked under his tail. But his eyes were open and his eyebrows were doing the dance on his forehead. He was still listening to the sound of monkeys and I knew he was daydreaming about having one of his own.


  1. For some reason, two of our blind girls, Hiker and Brook, seem to know when sounds are from the television. Blind puppy Breeze however, hasn't figured it out yet. Whenever she hears a dog bark on the television, she jumps up and runs through the kitchen to the door. Of course, then everybody has to jump up and run to the door...

    Hey Ray, maybe they'll get ya a stuffed toy monkey!

    1. It's funny but this is the only time that Ray has done that. He never pays any attention to what's on the TV. Can't explain it.

      And Ray has a stuffed monkey. Well, he has HALF a stuffed monkey. The other half has been destuffed.

  2. Maybe Ray was trying to associate the sound with monkey butt?