Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Clothes

Winter has finally settled in. The temperature has plummeted from near 60F (15C) on Saturday to 22F (-5C) today. Yesterday we had a dusting of snow and today we are expecting a couple of inches.
Everyone knows that winter weather brings winter clothes. And the problem with winter clothes is they are bulky and uncomfortable.
Please take it off.

Today Ray demonstrated exactly how bulky and uncomfortable he finds his winter clothing. I strapped him into his sniffing sweater and he was unable to perform the most rudimentary activities. The sweater was so cumbersome that he needed to be lifted into the car because of the extra weight on his back. It was so incommodious that he was unable to lay down in the back seat as he usually does; he was only able to sit uncomfortably. And, worst of all, it was so burdensome that he was unable to poop. He tried. Lord knows he tried. But all that extra weight made it downright impossible.


  1. Poor chap, he certainly looks like his door opener's been put straight outta joint .. does the Yank TV show 'Dog With A Blog' mean anything to you? I just noticed it's being shown over here (

    1. I've seen it listed but never watched it. All I know is, it's not about Ray. Let me know if it's any good and I'll see if I can convince Gregg that it's something we should be watching.

  2. Poor Ray! Be sure and let him know that we understand how difficult life as a blind dog can be, although none of the pack wear sweaters. Oops, maybe don't let him know that part!

  3. I always tell Ray when he's being whiney "It's so hard being a poor, blind dog." Of course I tell the cats the same thing "It's so hard being a cat." And of course I'm being terribly sarcastic both times.
    Ray only wears a sweater when it's below freezing. He is a wuss.