Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Searching for a Friend...

Lately, I've been wondering who Ray is going to play with once Tucker moves. It's sad to think about, but it's going to happen this summer, and once again, Ray is going to lose a good friend and a playmate. 
So, when we walk, I try to have a friendly smile on my face (but not too friendly, I don't want to look demented) and walk with one eye cocked toward people with dogs. We immediately eliminate Boxers and other bullys, since Ray has decided that he doesn't like those, and I also eliminate most Golden Retrievers because of Ray's penchant for those snuggly blonds. (He'd be getting some kind of exercise but probably not what the other owner had in mind).
New friends can't be too big, or too small, or too mean, or too timid. And they need to be fast and tough enough for Ray to chew on their necks. Murphy and Tucker are ideal playmates because they are both fast and have thick neck fur. Ernie, who is still a puppy, (although not as small as in the linked posting), is fast and wiry but not particularly tough.  I'm always a bit worried that Ray is going to break him. 
So the other day while Ray and I were out walking, we met Bentley, a youngish lab/hound mix with a black body and brown legs. Bentley is about 20 pounds lighter than Ray and he looks fast, like he has energy to burn. And even though he doesn't have thick neck fur like Ray's other friends, he doesn't look particularly fragile either. 
He and Ray didn't act like best buddies or anything but there were no obvious signs of dislike. Best of all, his owner was looking for a playmate for him. So, one day soon, we'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Because if it doesn't go well, we need to keep looking. The clock is ticking and June is not that far away.


  1. Ahahahaha!!!! Maybe that is why Blueberry has too few friends - cause I am smiling like a mental patient. I suppose eagerness to make friends scares some people. ;)

    Hope Ray makes a new friend soon - gosh he has quite the list of criteria for a playmate!

  2. I think Ray needs a Beagle of his very own. They're the best playmates, ever!

  3. Now see, this is why you just need to take Ray over to the dog shelter and let him pick out a permanent playmate... :)

  4. Oh, poor Ray. I could send you some tough, rough and ready playmates with thick neck fur! How many would you like?! Blind Brook, though small, is always ready to play and deaf Azule is the same. Blind Breeze is more your size, Forest is really fast too...well, you get the idea.

    I agree with liparifam's comment. You know how much fun one blind dog is, two is twice as much fun! (yes, I speak from experience LOL)

  5. For Pete's sake just go out and get him a friend. Just tell Gregg that he just showed up on the front porch.

  6. Haha I see its not only me who is on the campaign for a permanent pal for Ray, plus you would have loads of new blogging material ;-))

  7. Have any of you noticed a stony silence on this end?
    That would be Gregg.

  8. In some cultures stony silence constitutes agreement...just sayin' ;)