Thursday, May 23, 2013

Demonstration 101

I was carrying a package of frozen chicken thighs from the freezer in the garage to the kitchen. They were a solid block of ice and I needed to thaw them for the next night's dinner.
Ray was sleeping soundly on his chair in the living room when all of a sudden his nose went in the air. The next minute, he was at my side, sniffing around the counter.
That same morning I had watched an Animal Planet video on youtube called "Dogs 101: Bluetick Coonhound." Blueticks, like Redticks, are known as English Coonhounds and I had wanted to see what they said about them on the instructional video.
Turns out that Blueticks are prized by hunters because of their ability to follow a cold scent.
I couldn't help but be impressed by HOW cold the scent could be and by Ray's ability to once again demonstrate why he is known far and wide as "The Perfect Example."


  1. Perfect example is right! "Aaaarrrooooooo"

  2. I wonder if the fact of not being able to see just heightens that nose ability. But, then again, Ray is just, as you noted, a perfect example!