Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I was on my way to pick up my sister, Kathy, at the hotel. Since the guest room is full of cats, cat boxes,  cat beds, cat food, and Moonie's medical supplies, I figured it was easier to just put my sister up  at a hotel than try to figure out what to do with the senile old cat and all her accoutrement.
So I was on my way to the hotel. Kathy and I, as usual, were headed down to South Carolina to visit the folks; a very last minute trip. I had called her Sunday.
"Hey Kath, I'm thinking of going to visit mom and dad this week, wanna go?" I asked her.
"I'll check and see if I can get off of work and send you an email tomorrow." she replied.
The email came the next day with instructions to get her a plane ticket. I had managed to find her a flight for the next day, Tuesday. Since the trip from Colorado took the entire day, we were driving down on Wednesday, hence the hotel.
As I drove to the hotel, I was running through my mind the things I had packed. I had a niggling feeling that I had forgotten something and I was hoping it wasn't anything crucial. I knew I had Ray's eyedrops, dry food, canned food, toys, treats, treat ball, rawhide, bed, water and a dish to put it in. I even congratulated myself on remembering his heartworm medicine, which I needed to give him while we were away. But still, I had the feeling there was something...
It didn't hit me until we were half way through North Carolina. It wasn't anything for Ray that I had forgotten to pack. It was my underwear.


  1. Too funny! There are worse things than going commando, I suppose.

  2. At least you didn't forget your navigator (Ray)!! You would have been lost without your best map reader. Have a great trip!

    1. I can't go to South Carolina without Ray. He is the only reason my family let's me in the house.

  3. That is hilarious! A true, devoted Dog Mom - good for you. : )

  4. I forgot my son's undies when we went to San Fransisco several years ago! Thank goodness there was anOld Navy near by! Also my Hubby forgot PJ's..and he only had to pack for himself!! **it happens...