Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Perfect Location

Ever since we've had Ray's graves covered with rock, he has been at loose ends trying to find a new homestead. Although he likes the new patio and especially the new front walkway, the cool dirt along the foundation was fun to dig in AND a nice place to lie during hot Virginia summers. So Ray had set out on a quest to find new digs.
Oddly enough, Ray has settled on Hugo's favorite old spot, the one he used to occupy before we brought the blind hound home and ruined the black cat's life. Hugo loved the dark shade of the little Japanese maple and would sit for hours, completely invisible to small critters scampering across the patio and birds landing on the top fencepost. Hugo was a lazy hunter (probably because of his unknown heart condition) and preferred that small animals come directly to him.
Taking the real estate advice of "location, location, location" to heart, Ray's new, smaller, shallower digs have the advantage of being tactfully landscaped with a beach-umbrella-shaped Japanese maple,  and right between the fence where his new pug 'friends' hang out and the stone-covered patio where Ray likes to catch some rays. Ray only has to move a step in either direction to enjoy both; just perfect for the lazy hound.

The new digs
Enjoying the shade
Checking the fencewidth
Establishing high-speed inter-fence connection

Just a step away

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  1. Ahahaha!!! High-speed inter-fence connection - perfect!! I'm glad he took up Hugo's old spot - sort of a little tribute to Hugo. And also, you are right, perfect location for a lazy hound. ;)