Thursday, August 29, 2013

From MEWS to Aroooos

Ever since Gregg's MEWS (Moonie Early Waking System) died, he has had trouble arising in the morning. In order to catch his train, Gregg needs to be up by 5:30. Moonie was always more than happy to wake him up, usually by 5:00. But since Moonie is gone, and Gregg loathes alarm clocks, getting out of bed on time has become somewhat of an issue. It's not that he gets up much later than 5:30, but like most people, his morning routine is perfectly-timed and 10 or 15 minutes makes a big difference.
Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I went downstairs to stretch out on the couch with Ray. I figured a change of scenery was all that I needed. We have a long, narrow couch and I am able to stretch all the way out and still have room for a dog at my feet (unless he decides to stretch all the way out too, then it becomes a bit cramped). It's quite comfy and I am generally able to fall right asleep.
When I awoke next, it was 5:38. The house was completely silent, not a good sign.
"Gregg, get up!" I yelled from my prone position.
"Gregg!" I called out again.
"GREGG!" I tried one more time.
No response. No shuffling of feet, no creaking of floorboards.
I sighed. Being awake most of the night, I really didn't want to get up now.
"Hey Ray," I said to my snoozing dog.
Ray's head shot up alertly.
"Give us a yell, Ray," I said to the hound.
Ray enthusiastically crooned an aroooo.
Still no sound from above.
I repeated my request. Ray came through again with a few musical notes.
Once again I asked the dog to sound the alarm.
Getting into the spirit of the thing, Ray let off with a couple of good ones followed by menacing growls.
I head a creaking floorboard. I smiled, rubbed Ray's rump with my foot and told him what a good dog he was.
He's no Moonie, but if we can get Ray to set his aroooo to 5:30, I think Gregg will have a pretty good alternative to his MEWS.


  1. If you can get Ray to do that right in Gregg's ear - you're golden! ;)

  2. Do you realize what a very useful dog you have!! Ray seems to wear many hats and have many jobs. He is a busy boy. Well done Ray.