Monday, August 26, 2013

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

We were preparing Sunday's breakfast when Ray came into the kitchen with his bone in his mouth, obviously looking for someone to play keepaway.
"I'm going to get your bone, Ray," I said helpfully.
Immediately taking the game to a bigger venue, Ray shimmied through his dog door and into the backyard. I opened the backdoor and followed him.
After only a few turns around the yard, I could tell that the game was already over and Ray was looking for a place to bury his prize. I left him to it and returned to cooking the bacon.
"Ray's burying his bone," said Gregg a few minutes later.
I looked out the kitchen window and saw Ray digging a hole up against the fence in almost the exact same location that he had established interfence connection with the Pugs next door. He planted his bone and mounded mulch over it, covering it thoroughly.
"Ray, aren't you afraid that Dory is going to steal your bone?" I called to the dog through the window.
Obviously not having thought this thing through, Ray glanced nervously in my direction then, ears deployed in Dumbo mode, turned back toward the fence, listening as Dory barked then came snuffling up to the fence. Ray stood alertly over his buried treasure as Dory stood just opposite, whining. Ray lowered his head and sniffed the ground, making sure his bone hadn't been spirited away from under his nose, then stood thusly, listening to the Pug's noises. Dory, disappointed that she wasn't getting any kind of reaction from Ray (she likes to make him yell), wandered away.
Ray stood still, keeping an ear cocked for bone-pirates.
Fifteen minutes later he was still there.
"Ray, come on in," I called to the dog, "Dory's gone."
I lured my dog inside with a piece of bacon. While we ate breakfast, Ray hung around waiting for more. Just as we finished up, Dory barked.
"Ray, Dory's going to get your bone," I said urgently to the hound.
Ray, who had been relaxing at my feet waiting for the bacon to drop, got up, hustled through his dog door, and back to the fence. He unearthed his bone rapidly, dropped it far enough away from the fence so that Dory couldn't reach it, then laid down with his back to the fence so that the little dog would have to go through him to get it. His bone well protected, Ray took a quick nap.

There's no way she's getting my bone.
I can heeeear you....
I dare you to try it. 


  1. Hi Ray,

    Drake buries every bone he gets including milk bones...and then gets all worked up if Noodles starts to sniff one out....

    Glad you brought yours back home....

  2. I think Ray just likes to tease Dory with the irresistable bouquet of slightly gnawed rawhide.